Restitution for the Kipsigis and Talai People

As part of our efforts to seek restitution for the Kipsigis and Talai People who suffered huge losses when their land was forcefully taken from them during the colonial era, our government petitioned the National Lands Commission to intervene. In a major victory for all those who suffered untold historical injustices in the hands of our Colonial Masters, We are happy to report that the NLC has determined in our favour that indeed the Kipsigis and Talai not only unjustly lost their property but were also subjected to various forms of human rights violations in the process.

Subsequently, the Commission has determined as follows:

1. That the ancestral land ought to have been surrendered to the affected communities at independence.

2. That the British Government pays reparations to the direct victims of the historical injustices and issues an apology over the various forms of injustice inflicted against the Kipsigis and the Talai communities.

3. That the Government of Kenya officially acknowledges that land was unlawfully taken from the Kipsigis and Talai.

4. The British Government and multinational tea companies constructs for the Kipsigis and Talai are enities such as schools, hospitals etc and provide services such as water and electricity to alleviate their suffering.

5. That the British Government and the multinationals pay victims mesne profits for the loss of use of their land from 1902.

6. Rates and rents for land occupied by multinational tea firms companies be enhanced to benefit the County Governments of Kericho and Bomet and the National Government.

7. The British Multinational companies do lease land from the Kericho and Bomet County Governments at commercial rates

8. Land with expired leases should not be renewed without the concurrence of the County Government where the land is domiciled.

9. The Government of Kenya through the Department of Adjudication and Settlement in the Ministry of Land identifies and acquires adequate and suitable land to resettle members of the Kipsigis and Talai to end their perennial landlessness.

10. A fresh survey and audit should be undertaken for land allocated to multinational tea companies in Kericho and Bomet and any land in excess of the size documented in official records should be reverted to the County Governments of Bomet and Kericho to be held in trust on behalf of the residents of the two counties. The land shall be used for public purposes.

WE thank the NLC for making this determination.

According to the NLC Act, these recommendations are to be implemented within the next three years. We call upon the County Assemblies of Kericho and Bomet to pass legislations required activating them and urging the National Government to stand with the Kipsigis and Talai people and support these efforts.

We are grateful to our MCAs for their support in this entire process and for making a commitment to continue backing it until justice is served. WE assure all the victims of these historical injustices that WE will not relent in this pursuit until our people get the justice they deserve.



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