Empowering Women

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Empowering Women

Empowering women

Kericho Deputy Governor, H.E.Susan Kikwai,todayjoined a group of women in Kericho town for a training and sensitization meeting hosted by the Community Advocacy and Awareness Trust (CRAWN) under the umbrella of National Women's Steering Committee.

The meeting under the coordination of CRAWN Executive Director, Daisy Amdany focussed on key among other issues:

  • The role of women in peace building,
  • Women economic empowerment and,
  • Entrenching of gender principle as stipulated in the Kenyan constitution.

The DG enumerated several interventions which the County Government of Kericho has put in place in empowering women with an aim of making them realise their full potential in the nation building. Such interventions include women being given equal opportunity access to government tenders and contracts and their inclusion in the appointment to key government positions.