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Welcome to Kericho County

County Government of Kericho


Welcome to Kericho County - home to 926,237 people according to projections National Population and Housing Census, 2009.

This site gives background information about the County in terms of its location, area, administrative and political units, physical features description, settlement patterns, demographic features and natural conditions.


A prosperous county in economic, social and political development with residents enjoying high quality of life.


To foster equitable and sustained socio-economic development through effective and efficient mobilization and utilization of available resources.

Administrative Units

The county is composed of six Constituencies, 15 administrative divisions namely: Ainamoi,Belgut, Kabianga, Bureti, Roret, Cheborge, Sigowet and Soin. Other Admibnistrative Divisions are: Kunyak, Chilchila, Kamasian, Kipkelion, Londiani, Sorget and Chepseon. These are further su-devided into 85 locations that are further sub-divided into 209 sub-locations. It covers an area of2,479 sq. km.

Location & Size

Kericho County is one of the 14 Counties in the Rift Valley region. It lies between longitude 35o 02’ and 35o 40’ East and between the equator and latitude 0o 23’ South.

The county is bordered by the Uasin Gishu County to the north, Baringo County to the northeast, Nandi to the northwest, Nakuru County to the east and Bomet County to the south. It is bordered to the South West by Nyamira and Homa Bay Counties and to the West by Kisumu County. The county covers a total area of 2,479 sq. km.

Physical and Topographic Features

The County is characterized by undulating topography. The overall slopes of the land is towards the west, consequently drainage is in that direction. The county forms a hilly shelf between the Mau Escarpment and the lowlands of Kisumu County.

Surrounding the county are Tinderet Hills to the north and to the north east is the Mau Escarpment and between them is the gently rolling land which forms Londiani Hills. To the North West are the hilly areas of Kipkelion rolling towards Koru. The central part of the county rises eastward towards 3,000m high Mau Ridge. The Kericho plateau forms the central part of the county sloping gently from 2,500m to about 1,800m above the sea level.

The county is well drained with a good number of rivers that include Chemosit, Kiptaret, Kipsonoi Timbilil, Maramara, Itare, Nyando, Kipchorian and Malaget. Some of these rivers are characterized by rapids and falls which could be harnessed for hydro-electric power generation. Some of the rivers with the waterfalls include Maramara, Itare and Kiptaret.

% Population Projections per Sub County

Ainamoi 19.03%
Belgut 17.78%
Bureti 22.11%
Sigowet/Soin 13.86%
Kipkelion East 15.45%
Kipkelion west 11.79%
Total Population Projections = 926,338 People 100%

County Leadership