Core Values

The department is comprised of three directorates namely; e-government, Information Technology and communication

ICT for maximum productivity and excellent innovation in the county

Develop,deploy and support innovative,quality and sustainable ICTs and government solutions and services that meet and exceeds the changing needs of governance and management of the county Government of kericho

i)Developing and implementing ICT policies and strategies.

ii)Setting up and maintaining County ICT  infrastructures.

iii)Secure and protect County information Systems.

iv)Coordinate the establishment and maintenace of communication systems & Media in the County.

v)Providing first line support on all general and County's specicific software and hardware issues.

vi)ICT capacity building for all staff.

vii)Empowering county youths by creating employment opportunies.

viii)Position the county to reap from National ICT policies,political manifestos anfd framework.


Mr. Geofrey Bett